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We have studios in the UK and Portugal including green screen stages, Real-time VR studios, and water tanks as well as extensive backlots in both countries. 


Location scouting

We can find the locations that you need with our dedicated scouts in the UK and Portugal. 


Location management

Our experts will organise and manage every aspect of your shoot requirements while taking care of the paperwork, bureaucracy, and logistics leaving you stress-free to get on with what you want to do.


Production services

We have extensive experience in all levels of production in the UK and Portugal as well as in other countries. We can also co-ordinate casting, crew, equipment, catering, prop hire, travel & accommodation logistics for you.



We have experience of fixing international crew in UK and Portugal with varying locations from private properties to landmark locations and we also regularly coordinate shoots all over the world using our network of local contacts. We have a directory of location scouts internationally and UK location scouts with international experience. Recent research and location scouting has taken placed in New York, Cape Town, Moscow, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Dublin, Tokyo & Sydney to name a few!


Tax Incentives

In the UK, for all British qualifying films of any budget level, the film production company can now claim a payable cash rebate of up to 25% of UK qualifying expenditure. 


In Portugal for Film, TV and VOD production - national and foreign (line/services), official and co-productions it is expected a rebate rate between 25% and 30% of eligible expenditure;


Contact us for a detailed list of locations.



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